Monday, June 11, 2012

The Mother and Daughter Link

It's been a very long time since I have written in this blog. As you read on, it will be apparent why I have had to take a leave from writing. Family comes first. So, here is an entry about mothers and daughters.

Our mothers are the ones that birth us, and as women, we have the opportunity to continue this link. It's more than just a bloodline or a family tree. It's about sharing stories and gleaning wisdom from our mothers. I think the job of a mother is never quite complete. The relationship ties between a mother and daughter  are  not easily broken.

As I reflect on my mother's recent trial with her health, I am reminded how important it is to stay connected. As jobs and the need to survive often take us from living near our loved ones and being able to see them often, the importance of taking the time to talk on the phone is still vital. Skype is another technology that helps loved ones keep in touch; the face-to-face interaction makes it easier when one lives so far apart. One does not always have the funds to travel and has to use the available options.
If you have been really busy or your relationship with your mother needs repair, why not pick up the phone if you live far away. If you are nearby, begin to refoster your link. Do it while you can; time is a gift. While you still have it, use it!