Sunday, November 13, 2011

Forgivness Undos What Medical Science Cannot

Holding on to past hurts and pain has been known to change the body chemistry causing cancer, high blood pressure, and fatigue. There is an answer to combat what medical Science has been trying to do for centuries. The answer is forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a choice that requires action on our part. When one makes the decision to forgive they are releasing themselves, as well as the other person. They are not dismissing or minimizing their pain; what happened was real, but they are saying they are willing to move on and heal.

One needs to understand that we may have felt pain or may still be feeling hurt, but in order to grow we have to let go. Part of the healing process is dealing with issues that creep up from a past occurrence and handling it one moment at a time. We can decide to move forward even if the other person does not, but we have to go through the process. The good news is that God wants to be involved in the process. The person involved in the hurt may not be part of the healing, but you can move forward with God’s assistance. Don't forget that you also need to forgive yourself. Christ forgave you; He does not want you to hold onto it either!

Healing is like pealing an onion; I think I have talked about this before. God would never give us more than we can handle. So as He helps us deal with the tough and grimy daily peals of our “aka” skins off our onion, one-day-at-at-time, deal with the issues that surface, don’t open up old handled wounds, and make peace. Face what is in front of you and move forward. You’ll be happier and healthy for it!

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