Sunday, October 23, 2011

Save the Hero 2011

Dear Ladies,
I am at the “Save the Hero” Penn Florida Conference this weekend in Orland, FL. It’s called Fall Break Away. I am grateful that the Lord made a way for me to “break away” and come to this event. I had no idea that the “everyday” women would be the hero they were talking about this weekend. Yes, Jesus is our hero, but women are often a stand-in for Jesus, an instrument extended. Now that we have established this, women, you know how amazing you are. You are heroes to those around us, and we are grateful for you! The problem is that many of these heroes are tired, they are falling like flies, and need to be strengthened.

Before this day, I had pondered many times what the topic was going to be about. I thought to myself, Jesus is my hero, and He does not need saving. Who is this hero of woman I am going to hear about? What do you have for me Lord? In short, I am a little slow and came here blindly believing that God would have a message for me; I was so caught up in serving that I neglected to see that I am hero to those around me. It hit me right between the eyes. Thank God, I did not miss it!

It is day two, and I’m already reveling in His love and His revelation is filling me to overflow, which I was I desperately needed but totally expected! I need to see myself as this woman they are talking about it. I remember a recent thank you event our women’s ministry gave to Pastor LaDonna Jones. Each one of us told her how thankful we were for all of the things she had done for us. We praised her for who she was in Christ, but she did not see all of it. It’s hard when you are living the hero lifestyle to see that you are a hero. It makes sense. You’re not in it for the money. You are in it unto Christ.

Being that women are the avid heroes day-in-and-out, we are busy saving or trying to save those around us. I’m not just talking about your home ladies, as your Proverbs 31 life extends to those whom you come in contact with on a daily basis. Though no one may never say to you “thank you for being my hero”, let’s not forget the influence, as well as the empowerment we have received from on high. We do it for the King! God created women with the instinct to nurture. Yes, He may have made us that way or set us up for this ministry (hee hee), but we have to be willing to be His servants and do what He calls us to do.

It’s easier to “save” our family because we are emotionally involved and invested with them, but what about the lady in the office who has no food? What about the young man who needs a place to stay? What about giving the stranger the last $20.00 dollars you have? What about taking a friend to have their car fixed? I have done all of these in my past among other things, but I am still giving and trying to save others through the blood of Christ. I want to be Christ to them. We sing the songs with the lyrics such as, “I want to be your hands and I want to be your feet. Go where you send me.” You have an area to take care of right around you first. Start looking with supernatural and natural eyes in your realm of influence, wherever it may extend. Helping people with the natural needs are the easiest ones to see and do. If you are doing that already, then ask God to broaden your ministry spectrum it. Again, we do it for the King!

Sometimes when we are busy giving or being a hero to a precocious one we can be misunderstood. But if we know the true desires and motivations of our actions, we do not have to crumble, walk away, or stop loving and giving. We do our best to flow in the supernatural power that He has given us, while using any natural resources at our finger tips. This could mean you give someone cash, food, or a place to stay if the Lord tells you to. These are just a few examples. We do it because we love Christ and them, but more importantly because we are indebted in Christ and not ashamed (Romans 1:14). So don’t stop helping and saving the people around you. Stay revitalized, by keeping in prayer and reading the Word. Keep your ears and eyes open, but make time to get away and seek God away from all of the hustle and bustle. I am already planning for Fall Breakaway 2013. I would not miss it. I know He will provide.Some of you are wondering about next year, as you missed out this year or some other conference you were informed about. Please have faith and ask God right now to make a way for you. If not this conference, go to one in your denomination or circles. Get away! I can’t look at next year’s speaker, Lisa Bevere, or title, “The Lioness Arising” and have negative thoughts for a second.

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