Sunday, October 2, 2011

Love Your Neighbor

God has been talking to me about being more hospitable and loving towards my neighbors. For some ladies, this comes naturally, but not for me. I am a bit on the shy side. My husband Don is one who takes the lead in this area. He brings up the garbage cans for one of my neighbors each week. He is Mr. Sociable out there talking to them a lot of the time. He has the gift of gab that I wish I had.

So when I began to tell Him that God wanted us to bless our neighbors more and to love them, he began to question where this admonishment was coming from. You see, he was able to serve up a meaty list of how he has been a blessing to our neighbors. I, on the other hand, fell short. He uncovered my lack in love, which I respect. The next morning I opened my Bible to Romans 12: 9-21, where it talks about being a true Christian who is hospitable. Yep, I got my confirmation. I needed to head His word. We are commanded to love our neighbors. It’s time! I included this Veggietales song because it goes with the text rather well. Enjoy!

Below is a candid reflection of the above message and song written from heart.

Love Your Neighbor Poem:
Love your neighbor- even if they don’t chain up their dogs when they let them out to potty and their dogs chase you and your leashed dogs- love your neighbor.

Love your neighbor –even if you are shy and afraid to talk to them- love your neighbor.

Love your neighbor –even if they almost run you over as they back out of their driveway (this happened today)- love your neighbor.

Love your neighbor –bake cookies and take them over there with a smile on your face (I put this on my to do list for this week)- love your neighbor.

Love your neighbor –chat with them when they are outside and look for opportunities to invite them over to talk- love your neighbor.

Love your neighbor-they will see Christ in you the hope of glory and turn to God- love your neighbor.

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