Saturday, September 24, 2011


This week a high school senior gave me a note. She was thanking me for being her mentor, though we never entered into a mentoring contract formally. She acknowledge the need for a woman of God to look up to in times like these. She paid me a high complement saying that she has seen me in many situations and that my life brings glory to God. I can only give Him the glory for this. Yet, it got me thinking of the importance of mentoring. There is a great need. Though I believe that God wants us to be engaged with the up-coming generations, I also see that a young woman may be watching you from a far and she is hoping that you two will connect. Sometimes these relationships begin from a far.

Ladies, God is calling us to mentor the younger women around us. It involves looking for a younger woman who needs support and direction, spending time with them, and pouring into their lives. They may be lacking a role model, and you are the one that God is sending to this young woman. It is not as hard as it looks. Some churches have organizations and or women's ministries already set up. If you ask God, He will send you someone. Others volunteer in youth church and look for ways to mentor teens. There are many options.

Some people decide they need a formal program to meet this goal, and there is no problem with that. One can join a Boys and Girls Club or Girls Inc. In fact, these organization can get you involved with teens who are at risk and need divine-intervention. What a meaningful way to make a difference.

Whether a formal program, church, or spontaneous mentoring situation occurs, keep your eyes open at your church, mall, and neighborhood. You have no idea how many girls need your support. Think of all of the lessons you have learned in life. Wouldn't it be awesome to speak into a young woman's life and hopefully, set them on a detour that will bring their life to a healthy and Godly level that you could not imagine. After all, it's all about getting that fruit to grow!

Finally, don't ignore those God moments when you are in public and God gives you a message for a young lady, or He urges you to pray for them. Be obedient and do your part. It takes a village to teach our children one mentor at a time!

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