Saturday, September 10, 2011

Honor Her Now

Dear Ladies,

I am writing this entry because we often wait to honor the ones we love until they die. I never want to have something I didn’t say that I wanted to say go unsaid. Though our lives are busy, I stopped time today and said some things I had been prolonging to say. Our women’s leadership team took time to honor Pastor Ladonna Jones for her faithful service as a Section 13 rep, WOW ministry leader, Praise and Worship Director, mentor, servant, and friend. We threw her a gala party-to-remember served up with heaping scoops of love and showers of blessings.

Each lady present shared their favorite women’s ministry memory and their heart with LaDonna. Tracy Tavaroch honored her with a song: Wind Beneath My Wings. Our ministry leader Marcia Wooley came via a DVD message. We fellowshipped and ate together. We hugged and loved on her and prayed for her. We showered her with teacups and chocolate among other gifts! It felt so good to express our love for her in such a unique and creative way. All in all, she was blessed.

I am so glad we took the time to honor her and show her how much we appreciate her.

Why not take the time to think about your pastor’s wife, mother, mentor, etc. Isn’t time you took the time to honor her? Say it while it can be said!


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