Saturday, March 16, 2013

Accountability & Relationship= Both a Winning and Godly Combination

Accountability & Relationship= A Winning and Godly Combination

Dear Ladies,
It’s so important that we are not an island to ourselves; we can miss out on what God is doing in our lives. We can become narrowed in our focus. It’s also pertinent that we “saddle up” with friends who are seasoned and strong in the Lord, who speak the truth in love, that stick closer than a brother or sister we can’t trust, that can listen and pray for us, while keeping their lounge quiet to the outside world.  In isolation, the enemy has us where he wants us: backed up in the corner! If you want to grow in life, you have to become accountable to another woman of God and allow them to speak in their lives. So, I encourage you to be cautious, but step outside of your comfort zone and grow more.  People say that don’t needs friend and fellowship. I think that is pain and hurt talking. Yes, sometimes people to burn us.  When we are the only ones evaluating our situation, we can become blind-sided. We don’t have to hold onto to hurts. Yes, God shoulders these, but He also sends us people to bring sunshine to our garden. Don’t you need some sunshine?

Pastor Ileana Reich

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Mother and Daughter Link

It's been a very long time since I have written in this blog. As you read on, it will be apparent why I have had to take a leave from writing. Family comes first. So, here is an entry about mothers and daughters.

Our mothers are the ones that birth us, and as women, we have the opportunity to continue this link. It's more than just a bloodline or a family tree. It's about sharing stories and gleaning wisdom from our mothers. I think the job of a mother is never quite complete. The relationship ties between a mother and daughter  are  not easily broken.

As I reflect on my mother's recent trial with her health, I am reminded how important it is to stay connected. As jobs and the need to survive often take us from living near our loved ones and being able to see them often, the importance of taking the time to talk on the phone is still vital. Skype is another technology that helps loved ones keep in touch; the face-to-face interaction makes it easier when one lives so far apart. One does not always have the funds to travel and has to use the available options.
If you have been really busy or your relationship with your mother needs repair, why not pick up the phone if you live far away. If you are nearby, begin to refoster your link. Do it while you can; time is a gift. While you still have it, use it!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Forgivness Undos What Medical Science Cannot

Holding on to past hurts and pain has been known to change the body chemistry causing cancer, high blood pressure, and fatigue. There is an answer to combat what medical Science has been trying to do for centuries. The answer is forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a choice that requires action on our part. When one makes the decision to forgive they are releasing themselves, as well as the other person. They are not dismissing or minimizing their pain; what happened was real, but they are saying they are willing to move on and heal.

One needs to understand that we may have felt pain or may still be feeling hurt, but in order to grow we have to let go. Part of the healing process is dealing with issues that creep up from a past occurrence and handling it one moment at a time. We can decide to move forward even if the other person does not, but we have to go through the process. The good news is that God wants to be involved in the process. The person involved in the hurt may not be part of the healing, but you can move forward with God’s assistance. Don't forget that you also need to forgive yourself. Christ forgave you; He does not want you to hold onto it either!

Healing is like pealing an onion; I think I have talked about this before. God would never give us more than we can handle. So as He helps us deal with the tough and grimy daily peals of our “aka” skins off our onion, one-day-at-at-time, deal with the issues that surface, don’t open up old handled wounds, and make peace. Face what is in front of you and move forward. You’ll be happier and healthy for it!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Save the Hero 2011

Dear Ladies,
I am at the “Save the Hero” Penn Florida Conference this weekend in Orland, FL. It’s called Fall Break Away. I am grateful that the Lord made a way for me to “break away” and come to this event. I had no idea that the “everyday” women would be the hero they were talking about this weekend. Yes, Jesus is our hero, but women are often a stand-in for Jesus, an instrument extended. Now that we have established this, women, you know how amazing you are. You are heroes to those around us, and we are grateful for you! The problem is that many of these heroes are tired, they are falling like flies, and need to be strengthened.

Before this day, I had pondered many times what the topic was going to be about. I thought to myself, Jesus is my hero, and He does not need saving. Who is this hero of woman I am going to hear about? What do you have for me Lord? In short, I am a little slow and came here blindly believing that God would have a message for me; I was so caught up in serving that I neglected to see that I am hero to those around me. It hit me right between the eyes. Thank God, I did not miss it!

It is day two, and I’m already reveling in His love and His revelation is filling me to overflow, which I was I desperately needed but totally expected! I need to see myself as this woman they are talking about it. I remember a recent thank you event our women’s ministry gave to Pastor LaDonna Jones. Each one of us told her how thankful we were for all of the things she had done for us. We praised her for who she was in Christ, but she did not see all of it. It’s hard when you are living the hero lifestyle to see that you are a hero. It makes sense. You’re not in it for the money. You are in it unto Christ.

Being that women are the avid heroes day-in-and-out, we are busy saving or trying to save those around us. I’m not just talking about your home ladies, as your Proverbs 31 life extends to those whom you come in contact with on a daily basis. Though no one may never say to you “thank you for being my hero”, let’s not forget the influence, as well as the empowerment we have received from on high. We do it for the King! God created women with the instinct to nurture. Yes, He may have made us that way or set us up for this ministry (hee hee), but we have to be willing to be His servants and do what He calls us to do.

It’s easier to “save” our family because we are emotionally involved and invested with them, but what about the lady in the office who has no food? What about the young man who needs a place to stay? What about giving the stranger the last $20.00 dollars you have? What about taking a friend to have their car fixed? I have done all of these in my past among other things, but I am still giving and trying to save others through the blood of Christ. I want to be Christ to them. We sing the songs with the lyrics such as, “I want to be your hands and I want to be your feet. Go where you send me.” You have an area to take care of right around you first. Start looking with supernatural and natural eyes in your realm of influence, wherever it may extend. Helping people with the natural needs are the easiest ones to see and do. If you are doing that already, then ask God to broaden your ministry spectrum it. Again, we do it for the King!

Sometimes when we are busy giving or being a hero to a precocious one we can be misunderstood. But if we know the true desires and motivations of our actions, we do not have to crumble, walk away, or stop loving and giving. We do our best to flow in the supernatural power that He has given us, while using any natural resources at our finger tips. This could mean you give someone cash, food, or a place to stay if the Lord tells you to. These are just a few examples. We do it because we love Christ and them, but more importantly because we are indebted in Christ and not ashamed (Romans 1:14). So don’t stop helping and saving the people around you. Stay revitalized, by keeping in prayer and reading the Word. Keep your ears and eyes open, but make time to get away and seek God away from all of the hustle and bustle. I am already planning for Fall Breakaway 2013. I would not miss it. I know He will provide.Some of you are wondering about next year, as you missed out this year or some other conference you were informed about. Please have faith and ask God right now to make a way for you. If not this conference, go to one in your denomination or circles. Get away! I can’t look at next year’s speaker, Lisa Bevere, or title, “The Lioness Arising” and have negative thoughts for a second.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pastor's Song - Donna Jackson

Dear Ladies,
This week I want to impress the importance of taking the time to thank your pastor and his or her wife for the service to you and your family and congregation. We really have no idea what it is like to live the life of a pastor. They have a large vision from God and only so much time, people, and capacity to live out the vision.

We can only imagine that it must be hard. For example, think about being available 24-7 and to get up and leave your family right in the middle of dinner or during a dance recital to be with a family who lost a loved one. There is a great sacrifice that comes with being a pastor, though you never hear them complain. Aren’t you glad that your pastor is called to be a pastor? How about the days they go with little sleep. God has awakened them to pray for you and me. They also seek God for the words to preach to their congregation. They don’t fly by the seat of their pants. They are committed.
Think about all of the people they deal with day-in and day-out, both the kind and difficult and the ones in-between. In fact, patience is a gift that most pastors are blessed with. Again, this makes me think of a reason to thank my pastors Keith and LaDonna Jones. I am not horribly needy person, but I take up some of their time. Though they have laid their lives down for us and Christ, they have less time to take care of themselves. They want to make a difference for the kingdom of God. They give every part of themselves to it!

Our dynamite duo takes care of many things that go in the church, as well as the business aspect, but ministering to people and making programs to meet the needs of your congregation takes time and people to get the job done. It wouldn’t hurt to thank our pastors and leaders more than once a year on Pastor’s Appreciation Day. It wouldn’t hurt to ask your pastors where you can help and share their load. If it is a 24-7 job, and they need our help. I think they would appreciate that. If we can help just a little bit, how much more can they be freed up to do and serve? Let's give back!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

NO! You Can Say It!

Dear Kingdom Women,
I am writing to you today to encourage to use the short word: no. Are you spread too thin and going in a bunch of complicated directions? If you know me personally, you know that I am woman of God who serves and gives fervently. Yes, God has called us to serve; however, He also called us to be proper stewards. This means taking an account of what are priorities are. Sometimes we get pulled into a bunch of directions. Maybe it’s just that you are too afraid to say no, but if the Lord is behind you , as you move towards alignment off church, family, personal, and work alignment. He is sure to give you the words to speak. It’s only one word. No!

I had a difficult conversation that I had to attend to this week. I was about to embark on a temporary agreement, but I had to make sure that the contract was correct and that there would be no misunderstandings. I said what I could do, and the rest, I said I could not help with. I did not feel like I had to explain. Often, this is what we worry about the most. What will I tell them? Sometimes we don’t owe anyone the reason. If someone pries after you have said no, I question their respect and motivation.

Like I said, I am woman of God who serves and gives fervently. Yes, God has called me to serve; however, He also called me to be a proper steward. I have come to the end of myself, though it might be in near exhaustion. I just said no. I am proud of myself.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Love Your Neighbor

God has been talking to me about being more hospitable and loving towards my neighbors. For some ladies, this comes naturally, but not for me. I am a bit on the shy side. My husband Don is one who takes the lead in this area. He brings up the garbage cans for one of my neighbors each week. He is Mr. Sociable out there talking to them a lot of the time. He has the gift of gab that I wish I had.

So when I began to tell Him that God wanted us to bless our neighbors more and to love them, he began to question where this admonishment was coming from. You see, he was able to serve up a meaty list of how he has been a blessing to our neighbors. I, on the other hand, fell short. He uncovered my lack in love, which I respect. The next morning I opened my Bible to Romans 12: 9-21, where it talks about being a true Christian who is hospitable. Yep, I got my confirmation. I needed to head His word. We are commanded to love our neighbors. It’s time! I included this Veggietales song because it goes with the text rather well. Enjoy!

Below is a candid reflection of the above message and song written from heart.

Love Your Neighbor Poem:
Love your neighbor- even if they don’t chain up their dogs when they let them out to potty and their dogs chase you and your leashed dogs- love your neighbor.

Love your neighbor –even if you are shy and afraid to talk to them- love your neighbor.

Love your neighbor –even if they almost run you over as they back out of their driveway (this happened today)- love your neighbor.

Love your neighbor –bake cookies and take them over there with a smile on your face (I put this on my to do list for this week)- love your neighbor.

Love your neighbor –chat with them when they are outside and look for opportunities to invite them over to talk- love your neighbor.

Love your neighbor-they will see Christ in you the hope of glory and turn to God- love your neighbor.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


This week a high school senior gave me a note. She was thanking me for being her mentor, though we never entered into a mentoring contract formally. She acknowledge the need for a woman of God to look up to in times like these. She paid me a high complement saying that she has seen me in many situations and that my life brings glory to God. I can only give Him the glory for this. Yet, it got me thinking of the importance of mentoring. There is a great need. Though I believe that God wants us to be engaged with the up-coming generations, I also see that a young woman may be watching you from a far and she is hoping that you two will connect. Sometimes these relationships begin from a far.

Ladies, God is calling us to mentor the younger women around us. It involves looking for a younger woman who needs support and direction, spending time with them, and pouring into their lives. They may be lacking a role model, and you are the one that God is sending to this young woman. It is not as hard as it looks. Some churches have organizations and or women's ministries already set up. If you ask God, He will send you someone. Others volunteer in youth church and look for ways to mentor teens. There are many options.

Some people decide they need a formal program to meet this goal, and there is no problem with that. One can join a Boys and Girls Club or Girls Inc. In fact, these organization can get you involved with teens who are at risk and need divine-intervention. What a meaningful way to make a difference.

Whether a formal program, church, or spontaneous mentoring situation occurs, keep your eyes open at your church, mall, and neighborhood. You have no idea how many girls need your support. Think of all of the lessons you have learned in life. Wouldn't it be awesome to speak into a young woman's life and hopefully, set them on a detour that will bring their life to a healthy and Godly level that you could not imagine. After all, it's all about getting that fruit to grow!

Finally, don't ignore those God moments when you are in public and God gives you a message for a young lady, or He urges you to pray for them. Be obedient and do your part. It takes a village to teach our children one mentor at a time!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

There Is No One Else Just Like You

Let's face it. God made women extremely unique from men. After all, we can cry at the drop of a hat and in the next second, rejoice with the sister sitting beside us. God is good; I thank Him for how He made us.

He didn't stop there making two types of bland creatures: Male and Female. God created each woman and put a special imprint on each one. He knows the number of hairs on your head, and He knows what you will do with your life and calling. He knows how you will respond, and what you will do with what He has put in your hand. In short, we are unique from each other, though we share some of the same common characteristics of the everyday woman. In Psalm 139:13-15, it says, "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth". This tells me that He put special work into both you and me. You may have heard the old cliche: God does not make junk. Well, I second that! "You were woven together in the depths of the earth" and not through some fast food chain assembly line.

Rejoice in your uniqueness; rejoice in what God created. He knitted you in your mother's womb. He took, for most of my readers, nine months to form you. He has also been superintending in your life and is molding and shaping you as we read. Look in the mirror and remind yourself how special you are!

Praise God! Men are unique too, but that's a whole "nother" entry all by itself!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Honor Her Now

Dear Ladies,

I am writing this entry because we often wait to honor the ones we love until they die. I never want to have something I didn’t say that I wanted to say go unsaid. Though our lives are busy, I stopped time today and said some things I had been prolonging to say. Our women’s leadership team took time to honor Pastor Ladonna Jones for her faithful service as a Section 13 rep, WOW ministry leader, Praise and Worship Director, mentor, servant, and friend. We threw her a gala party-to-remember served up with heaping scoops of love and showers of blessings.

Each lady present shared their favorite women’s ministry memory and their heart with LaDonna. Tracy Tavaroch honored her with a song: Wind Beneath My Wings. Our ministry leader Marcia Wooley came via a DVD message. We fellowshipped and ate together. We hugged and loved on her and prayed for her. We showered her with teacups and chocolate among other gifts! It felt so good to express our love for her in such a unique and creative way. All in all, she was blessed.

I am so glad we took the time to honor her and show her how much we appreciate her.

Why not take the time to think about your pastor’s wife, mother, mentor, etc. Isn’t time you took the time to honor her? Say it while it can be said!